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In addition to mapping services utilizing traditional technologies, Frontier redefines the boundaries by providing complete cloud-based GIS services, enabling multiple information layers in an integrated map format, ideal for documenting existing controls and lease lines, and enabling decision processes.

Not all surveyors provide GIS. Frontier will cost-effectively tailor data collection, editing, and translation to meet almost any client specification and GIS format requirement. We’ll deliver your files any way you need them, including on your mobile device. 

  • Oil and Gas Well Surveys and Staking

  • Mineral Lease Research and Unit Surveys

  • Well Bore Planning

  • Monitoring Wells

  • Compressor/Processing Site Planning

  • Wind Farms/Solar Energy Site Planning

  • Construction Surveys and Staking

  • Road and Pad Layout

  • Easement/Right-of-Way Location and Staking

  • Boundary and Surface Ownership Surveys

  • Texas Railroad Commission Platting for Proposed and As-Drilled Plats

  • TxDOT Permitting

  • T-4 Permit Mapping

  • 3D Scanning, Remote Sensing, and Image Interpretation

  • Spatial Data Collection and Analysis

  • Cross Section and As-Built, Construction Quality Assurance

  • Asset/Construction Management

  • Topographic Surveys and Cross Sections

  • FEMA Floodplain Mapping

  • Wetland Mapping and Delineation

  • Hydrographic and Coastal Mapping

  • Transmission Line Routes (Oil and Gas, Electrical, Water, Waste Water, and more)

  • National Forest and BLM Permitting

  • Geodetic Control Survey

Construction Staking
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